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His three generation pedigree

[ from a couple of years ago ]

Glenbrook Hannibal 3GP


Hannibal Six generation pedigree




Some inmilk daughters.

Glenbrook Hans Canaan VG2 6-8

4127 litres 350 kgs ms in 161 days to December herd test

Glenbrook Hans Cairi VG2 7-8

3583 litres 305 kgs ms in 139 days to December herd test

Glenbrook Hans Cherie VG2 7-7

2946 litres 248 kgs ms in 152 days to December herd test

Hannibal daughter at Bella Vacca Jerseys in Northland

Hannibal daughter at Bella Vacca Jerseys in Northland


Glenbrook Hannibal is leaving very pleasing daughters with his first crop and they are producing well. His daughter temperament traits are well above average. Hannibal is already proving his daughters will work well under any system be it all grass and low inputs or high inputs.

Very much an outcross bull in New Zealand he has no Manhatten, Murmur, Maunga, Likabull or Nevvy in his pedigree. Hannibal is bred on the age old successful Nephew/Aunt system of breeding and is linebred to Fjord.

Hannibal is bred for extreme longevity - his dam Hannah is still alive and producing well having calved again at 13 years of age in August 2015. She has been milked on a number of different farms under different systems and proven herself to be an exceptional producer in every case. The dam of Hannibal's sire, Hillstar Jazz also has extreme longevity comparable with Hannah.

Glenbrook Fjords Hannah VG8

[ photo taken at 10 yrs calving ]

Top record 8-7 6290 litres 6.8% 426 kgs fat 4.6% 289 kgs ptn 715 kgs ms 305 days

8-7 305 14,247m 6.8% 939f 4.6% 637p [ in lbs ]

Hannah has a lifetime components average of 6.8% fat and 4.7% ptn



Hannibal was bred at the Glenbrook Jersey stud in Taranaki, New Zealand.

Glenbrook is the highest producing Jersey herd in New Zealand and holds the all time any herd size record herd average of

2014-15 6938 litres 5.6% 386 kgs fat 4.3% 300 kgs ptn 686 kgs ms 302 days

2014-15 302 15,715m 851f 662p [lbs]


Glenbrook bulls available at Glenbrook Golden Genetics 2015