The Last Line Bred Herd


Glenbrook Chief Cocopop 4-0 416ms in 172 days to date                           Glenbrook Chief Cybil  3-0 314ms in 149 days to date

BW 92, PW 251, LW 468                                                                  BW 75, PW 181, LW 270

Daughters of the linebred bull GLENBROOK COMMAND CHIEF breeding exceptionally well at GLENBROOK.


They say; Breeding is all science these days.

We say; Breeding is mostly art with a little science thrown in.

They say; There is no romance in breeding anymore.

We say; You find what you expect to find and see what you want to see.

They say; The golden age of breeding has past.

We say; The golden age of breeding has just begun.

They say; You can't get high production out of Jerseys in New Zealand.

We say; If you used more art and less science you can.

They say; You can't have great type and outstanding production in the same cow.

We say; Fiddlesticks.

They say; Line breeding is old fashioned. It doesn't work anymore.

We say; Come and see for yourself.


Visitors always welcome at Glenbrook. Since selling the complete milking herd in October 2009 we have built back up with maybe a better herd than ever before. Check out the website or Facebook page.

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