Glenbrook Camboge Emperor 2016 3GP


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2016 New Zealand price

$18 per straw 1-49 straws

$15 per straw 50+ straws


To order contact  Cliff Shearer     Glenbrook Jersey Stud

First daughters inmilk 2015-16 season

First daughter milking at Glenbrook - August 2015

Highest classified heifer at Glenbrook 2015 EX2 8-8

Glenbrook Emperor Clock EX2 8-8 - May 2016

2-0  5797 litres 5.9% 343 kgs fat 4.4% 253 kgs ptn 596 kgs ms 273 days to date

Glenbrook Emperor Caca calved April 2016

Glenbrook Emperor Chaste calved March 2016

Makawa Emperor Cherie S1J EX2 8-8 - highest classified heifer at Makawa 2015

Glenbrook Camboge Emperor daughter at Bella Vacca Jerseys


** The Udder Bull **


GLENBROOK CAMBOGE EMPRESS EX 8-8 Full sister to Glenbrook Camboge Emperor


His dam Glenbrook Chief Emerald  EX2 with her new born heifer calf [ by Camboge ] March 2012.

Emeralds 2 year old record was 2-0  7466 litres 4.9% 369 fat 4.0% ptn 296 ptn 665 ms in 305 days

Her 3 year record was 3-0 7275 litres 5.0% 362 fat 4.2% 303 ptn 665 ms in 305 days

Emerald's dam is the mighty Ashdown Judds Elm SJ3 EX*

11-3 6981 litres 6.7% 466 kg fat 4.2% 293 kg ptn 759 kg ms in 305 days

Champion cow North Taranaki Club Show 2006 Reserve Champion cow North Taranaki Club Show 2007

Top cow for type, Semex National Jersey Challenge for Lower North Island Region 2006. 4th top cow for type for New Zealand 2006 Semex Challenge.

Elm was sired by Judds Admiral and out of Ashdown Penny Elm SJ2 EX8, 579 kgs ms @ 6yrs.

Elm was a truly magnificent cow that I fell in love with the first minute I saw her. The Hawera Jersey Club had a farm visit to the Whitimore stud in 2005 and she was the first cow I saw when we walked in the paddock. Apparently I've been told I looked at her for quite some time and said that I would own her one day. Well as these things go a couple of years later in 2007 the Whitimore stud was dispersed and guess who the cover girl on the catalogue was ? It was the above photo of Elm on the cover. I didn't have a lot of money but she was rising 12 and in full milk and open as they had intended to flush her so that was all in my favour. I ended up paying $2400 for her and had expected that she would go for a lot more than that. If she had been incalf I reckon she could easily have been four times that price.  Anyway I brought her home and she finished that lactation with 6981 litres milk 6.7% 466 kgs fat 4.2% 293 kgs ptn and 759 kgs ms in 305 days. Mated her to Glenbrook Command Chief to linebreed her to Admiral and that mating produced Glenbrook Chief Emerald EX2 who broke my two years record production this season. 

 When I had to sell the herd in 2009, Elm then went to the Metuas stud where she has a daughter by Ivanhoe Red Triumph who placed 2nd in the incalf heifer class Hawera Jersey Club Show 2013 . Sadly Elm had to be put down last spring at 16 years. Elm was a truly great cow. Elm's lifetime production on 12 lactations was 59,405 litres milk 6.2% 3694 kgs fat 4.4% 2618 kgs ptn 6,312 kgs ms in 3081 days or over 2.00 kgs ms a day for her lifetime. Elm was milked on several different farms with 4 different owners in her lifetime. She was born in the Manawatu, milked in Southland in her prime and finished up in Taranaki. She was milked in Rotary, Herringbone and Walk-thru cowsheds and admired where ever she went.

 All the cows in EMPEROR's 3 generation pedigree have been outstanding type cows and are all classified EX  with awesome production.







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